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The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) is the largest school transportation department in the country. Over 600,000 students residing in New York City attending both public and non-public schools located within the five boroughs and neighboring counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut use these services. OPT also provides bus service for more than 160,000 field trips every year.

Find Your Child's Bus Stop or Route

Which bus route has my child been assigned?  If you know your child’s student ID and birthday, you can get the answer to this and other questions on the Transportation Search Page.If you don’t know your child's student ID, call The Office of Pupil Transportation at (718) 392-8855.

Bus Stop Locations Involving One-Way Streets

Parents of students who use school bus transportation should bear in mind that stop locations on one-way streets or avenues will be serviced on parallel streets or avenues. In Manhattan, for example, if your child is picked up in the morning at a corner on 3rd Avenue, which is one-way uptown, the afternoon stop location could be on either 2nd Avenue or on Lexington Avenue, both of which are one-way downtown. Check with your child’s school for confirmation regarding stop locations in these situations..

Did The Bus Break Down?

Sometimes buses are delayed because of traffic congestion or mechanical failure. Check to see if your child's route has been affected.

Change Your Special Ed Afternoon Drop-Off Location

If you would like the school bus to drop your child off in the afternoon in a location that's different from where it picks them up in the morning, read this information to find out how.

View, print or save the instructions and forms in: English or Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, FrenchHaitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish or Urdu.

Is My Child Eligible for GE Transportation?

Your child's eligibility depends upon how old they are and how near your residence is to the school they attend. Get more information here.

Student MetroCards Explained

In New York City, many students get to and from school using public transportation and Student Metrocards. Learn more about them here.

What it takes: Getting ready to open NYC schools

Questions about the new school year? Visit and get ready for #BackToSchoolNYC!

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