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Are you ready for OPT Info Stop?

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OPT’s new training portal has launched. OPT Info Stop provides you with resources and information based on your type of school.

If you are a new—or experienced—Transportation Coordinator, Info Stop offers:

  1. Online schedule and registration for Transportation Workshops at OPT at Vernon Blvd
  2. Online schedule and registration for webinars you attend from your school, covering all transportation topics
  3. E-Courses covering managing transportation and using OPT applications
  4. Self-Study materials: Action plans and other materials you can print

Click the link button to complete a short survey so we can get you on the stop!

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If you have already registered, use this link to log in:

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What's coming up at OPT Info Stop

  1. Spring resources you can view and print
  2. eLearning courses to complete spring updates
  3. Webinar offerings in our Virtual Classroom